Navigating Section 56 of the South African Property Practitioners Act: A Guide for Landlords and Property Owners

South African Property Practitioners Act

The South African Property Practitioners Act (Act No. 22 of 2019) introduces several key provisions that impact various stakeholders in the property industry, including landlords and property owners. Among these provisions, Section 56 holds significance as it pertains to the interaction between property professionals and those who own and manage properties. In this article, we’ll explore how Section 56 affects landlords and property owners.

Understanding Section 56:

Section 56 of the Property Practitioners Act addresses the establishment and management of trust accounts by property practitioners. While this provision is primarily aimed at property professionals, it indirectly influences landlords and property owners who engage with these professionals for various property-related transactions.

Implications for Landlords and Property Owners:

  1. Trust Accounts: Section 56 mandates that property practitioners who hold trust money must maintain separate trust accounts. This requirement ensures that any rental deposits, lease payments, or other funds collected from tenants are managed with transparency and accountability.
  2. Financial Security: For landlords, engaging property practitioners who adhere to Section 56 provides financial security. It assures them that the funds collected on their behalf are handled ethically and are not commingled with the property practitioner’s own funds.
  3. Tenant Deposits: Tenant deposits, often held in trust by property practitioners, must be managed in compliance with Section 56. This offers landlords peace of mind, knowing that their tenants’ deposits are subject to rigorous accounting practices.
  4. Lease Transactions: Property owners who enlist the services of property practitioners for lease agreements benefit from the assurance that the financial aspects of the transaction are conducted professionally and in adherence to the law.
  5. Ethical Conduct: Section 56 emphasizes ethical conduct by property professionals. For landlords and property owners, this translates into a higher level of trust in their property dealings, ultimately fostering positive relationships within the industry.

Choosing Reputable Property Professionals:

Given the implications of Section 56, landlords and property owners are encouraged to engage property practitioners who are registered, licensed, and compliant with the Act. This choice ensures that their property transactions are conducted in accordance with legal and ethical standards.


Section 56 of the South African Property Practitioners Act extends its influence beyond property professionals to landlords and property owners. By prioritizing trust, transparency, and financial security, this provision contributes to the professionalism and credibility of the property industry. For landlords and property owners, understanding Section 56 helps them make informed decisions about engaging property practitioners and ensures the integrity of their property transactions.

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